Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ouch! Receding gums hurt so much! braces made it worse?!

After two visits to my orthodonist this month, I have been experiencing pain whenever liquid  or cold stuff moves past my front teeth. Even drinking water hurts.
I must make the liquid go straight to the throat to avoid the pain.

I cannot enjoy my ice creams, yogurt and cold drinks now...

My teeth on 30 Jun 11:
the gums were not captured in this picture... the Pinkish part is the lip.

Look at my teeth!!! Photo taken some days ago.

It seems that my receding gums have loosened my teeth and when my front upper and lower teeth meet, there is pain and a tightness is experienced. Ever since my bottom front, Left 2 and Right 2 teeth started to move apart, the 2 middle teeth in the bottom front row hurt me so much. My gums seemed to recede and there's hardly any left to hold the roots of the teeth. They seemed quite shaky and  look as though they will drop off at any time.

I tasted blood on and off  these few days and I wonder if its due to the braces cutting into my gums and mouth or due to the gums?

I should have not used hard bristles to brush my teeth and not to have brushed with a lot of force.  My teeth's enamel are more exposed and the nerves getting too sensitive.

I will try to use those toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Any recommendations?


  1. The second picture looks worse than the first. Are you sure you don't have the pictures mixed up?

  2. Hi, I didn't post both pictures with the lips in the same positions. Sorry.

    the gums were not captured in this picture... the pinkish part is the lip. the pictures are not mixed up.

    Hope that clarifies your query...