Sunday, July 3, 2011

2nd taobao purchases via sea shipment through

This was the second time I used, and the shipping came up to about quite a lot, for the whole lot of 50kg. It was cheap compared to the air shipping but the whole process took a darn long time. I placed some orders in April and received the stuff on 6 June. It took about 6+ weeks for the supplier to send the stuff to Shanghai and to pack and ship back to Singapore via sea shipping. there were 4 huge boxes. I must applaud the staff for they were really very neat in the packing of 100+ orders  made.

Here's some photos of the purchases.

one box is okay.  mechanical pencils

the other box is in a disarray
the 4 giraffe designs
Each costs only about 10 cents sg, price excludes shipping/service charge costs

 0.5mm pencils

 0.5mm pencils


 card holders

sofa cover, cushion covers, apron

some spoilt pens.

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  1. I starting to pity local retail shops as we could get the items cheaper from China Manufacturer through 65DaiGou....heeeee