Sunday, May 6, 2012

One week after TRA...

Just 4.5 years ago, I was 51 kg and I thought that I was FAT.

1.5 years ago, I was 63 kg. I stopped weighing myself.

2.5 weeks ago, I was 65.3kg and I had a persistent cough. I could not sleep well at night and my chest was very heavy. I thought that the side effect from pneumonia  (Oct 2010) Pneumonia Post in Oct 2010will never go away. 
I found it difficult to climb stairs and feel terrible pain when climbing stairs. I was often sick and drowsy from medicine or illness. I went to clinics and hospitals many times but I was not able to recover. I was not well to blog often.

I even visited a polyclinic and I got this. ( I didn't request for a MC though...)
This was like a wake-up call... I had to lose weight. By Oct, I must be 62.1 or less. I could not do it. I tried eating so little food daily these 3 years but still I was overweight. I don't even snack most of the time.

At that time, my friend introduced me to the TRA (The Right Approach) by Nu Skin.
His was a successful case after TRA. I was quite skeptical at the thought of spending $2k++ on weight management.

I went to the talk by the M.A.D.E group. I didn't believe them initially because I thought the MLM type of marketing is not suitable for me. I wanted to improve my health and manage my weight.
I listened to tips from the talk. ( Had to pay $10  for the food.) People gave their testimonials and applause was given to them. Their success stories seem unbelievable.

I told myself I am going to give them a chance. No harm trying to change my eating habits.
I tried changing my lifestyle by eating 3333 (3 portions fruits, 3 portions veg, 3 portions proteins and 3 portions carbo).  It worked! I didn't even have to eat the TRA and my weight dropped to 63.9 kg in a week. That's a drop of 1.4kg...

Imagine! I ate more and I lost weight!!! That's amazing.

Of course it took a lot of discipline. At times I had food cravings too.

After my weight dropped by more than 1 kg within a week, I went to another talk.
 I paid $2080 for the TRA pack which is shown below.

One of each stuff that was in the TRA.

The trimshake (milkshake) which is made of whey flour, along with the shaker and a metal coil inside.

Even the food stall auntie asked me: "how can like that, eat only vegetables ?" I explained that I had other food but she just didn't believe me. I just needed the vegetables for my breakfast as I have the rest packed.

I bought tupperware for my fruits and vegetables because sometimes I cannot get them at my workplace, especially after 11am.

Eat vegetables!

Breakfast! Surprisingly, eating more is better than eating very little as eating less makes your body go into those 'hibernating' state where metabolism rate decreases.

Fruit portion like Half a guava with skin would be good as a fist size portion for a meal.
3 eggs with just one or zero yolk gives you a fist size portion for a meal.

Ate only half the rice and all the vegetables and meat. Meat portion must exclude the bones.

Eventually, I signed up with M.A.D.E and paid $200. The $200 was to offset the rental and food for the talks (a total of 8 talks). They gave some papers, a file, measuring tape and a food diary.

Every night, I touched my tummy and I feel it is flatter. My cough reduced tremendously after one day of taking TRA. I do not feel the breathlessness and I could sleep better. I have dropped 2 cm along my waistline in a week. I did a bit of brisk walking as exercise as I am still very heavy...

Now a week after trying TRA, I lost 1.6kg and I am at 62.3kg, which is very close to the target Oct 12 weight recommended by the automatic weighing machine at the polyclinic.

Inspired after a few days, I ordered one set of AgeLoc R2 and the coaches said it would be very good to pair them together as more weight loss will be experienced. Monday, I will go and collect it. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Those who are interested in TRA and/or AgeLoc R2, please feel free to email me at TRA is from Nu Skin and Nu Skin is available in many countries all over the world. I will be glad to share with you how I did it and how to purchase the items. You need to have discipline as it is a three month effort for TRA and you definitely need coaches/ an upline who really can teach you well.

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