Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last Mon (4 Oct), I was already not feeling well. Slept whole afternoon and night.
Tues again discomfort. had severe body aches and chills.

Wed I again have fever. I tested my urine for pregnancy again so that I can make sure baby won't suffer if I ate medicine.
After eating panadol, temp still 38.5 degrees. Saw a doctor at 4 plus pm. Went to sleep without eating medicine. woke up feeling sick still. ate something and then medicine at about 9pm

When my temperature rose to 39.7 degrees C, my husband drove me to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital at night, reached there 11plus pm. I kept coughing non stop and my chest hurt so much.
Despite eating panadol, fever persisted and final soared to a high 40.1 degrees C. On 2 packets of drip till 2plus am. I kept telling the doc and nurse I have cough, chest v pain, but all my words fell on deaf ears.

Sent home by doctor who diagnosed me as having urinary tract infection. Given antibiotics and panadol. NO COUGH MEDICINE.
Fever went down to about 38.5 degrees C because of the drip. Couldn't sleep at all. having severe body aches and chills. Fever kept rising to 40 and dropping to 38.5 degrees C.

On Thursday, kept having chills, very severe heat in my brains, thought i was going to die. Prayed to Gods for release but pain persisted.

On Friday morning, my fever went back to 39.5 degrees C, my hubby can't bear to see me suffer again., drove me to Khoo Teck Puat at 5 am, asked me to be admitted into hospital.
I vomitted my food and had diarrhoea. I was very tired.

One Doc Said having fever is normal, is our body reacting against infection. (can't remember is first visit or 2nd visit he said that)

Ate panadol to bring down fever, and on 1.5 packets drip. Finally I was diagnosed as having pneumonia after doctor my X-ray.. BTW, i had to do my urine tests twice, bcoz I have no menstruation for 3 months! But who the heck will have sex and have a baby when she is so sick, within 1.5 days can be pregnant. Definitely not me. This year I only have 2 menstruation cycles. I don't know why Heaven is always disturbing me, giving me lots of illnesses and pain.

Same thing, I was left to wait in the room before any doc attended to me again.

The dumb doctor on the shift change (8am) sent me back! Said I am a healthy young woman. Hey Man! I don't feel healthy at all then. The fact that he was mumbling to himself all the while didn't help! I haven't feel better, the drip is not used up yet.

I got worse. Vomitted 5 times and had diarrhoea 3 times. My body rejected all food and medicine. I coughed until everything came out, my brains could, if it was possible. I couldn't breathe, my lungs were filled with liquid and it hurt me to breathe. I prayed but to no avail.
On Sat morning, about 8am, My husband drove me to hospital even though I asked for an ambulance. This time, we went to Tan Tock Seng. We could not trust Khoo Teck Puat anymore. I was admitted into hospital. The doctor had my same name but different surname. I lamented why the twist of fate, same name, different lives.

This is where my fever went down and eventually subsided. For that, I am grateful that the medical care in Singapore has not let me down.

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