Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nikon camera L21 at SSC

Got a nikon camera and a 4G SDHC card FREE at SSC for the latest promotion for this month!

 I was so unlucky, being the 101 customer to redeem my stuff, and I lost out on $50 capital vouchers as people in front of me suddenly appeared with all their family members or friends in tow. Just my luck or the lack of it!

There is some unfairness in the system as more than 70 cameras were redeemed in the first day when each capital card holder can only get 4 stamps and there is nothing to ensure that combination of stamps from a family were not allowed. I also had to queue a very long time as members of some families queued up in front without any receipts or stickers and because of their Time management Strategy and thick-skinnedness, they managed to 'coup' many cameras, charging bays and vouchers. I fedback to the staff but she said it was all along like that.

We queued for 3-4 hours just to get one camera. It was our fault that we purposely walked around waiting for the redemption counter to start before we queued for redemption. The redemption counter took a long time to process the redemption while one staff was busy chit-chatting with an irritating guy in front of me whose family got 2 set of cameras and she didn't reply me politely.

Nonetheless, I was pretty happy with the free camera I got but I think the system could be improved better and that perhaps each address/ family/ each person who queue up can only get one number so that others can get a chance to get/win something.

If by the first 2-3 days, all items are redeemed, I don't think people would want to go shopping at SSC coz some customers without capital card or after the first 300 customers to redeem, will also feel demoralised and boycott the mall.. I think the camera is quite handy even though it is not the high end type, it comes with a 4Gb free memory card so I think I am still luckier than most people coz I have the capital card.

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