Saturday, September 24, 2011

Damon braces update.

This is a summary of my braces progress so far.

Well, is there a major difference?!

My mouth was not able to close since I had my adult teeth in primary school. Now, I could close my mouth! The top row also became neater. The bottom row is now behind the front row in the 3rd pic but my bottom row of teeth now look very slanted and messy.

There was not much pain between the 2nd and 3rd time as the springs used in the 3rd braces treatment were just slightly longer than the 2nd time's.
However, the teeth started to move more on the 4th time on 9 Sep when hooks were used on the bottom row, next to the 2 front teeth in the bottom row( instead of the normal damon braces  as the space was not enough to fix the damon braces there.)

Both the end brackets on the top row came loose and the top left bracket  cut into my gums, resulting in much gums soreness and pain.

The top row's end brackets were replaced and glued in place on Wed (21 Sep)  [ my dentist works only on Wed at this dental clinic!- need to wait so long before I could see her and I was so busy with work. Luckily, my boss was very understanding and allowed me to go on 21 Sep] and a nominal $7 was charged. I don't think its my fault the brackets came off so maybe that's why only 7 bucks were charged. 

The rubber band on the left 2nd tooth actually came off, dangling on the spring on 10 Sep, a day after the 4th treatment.. I tried to used force and I got the headphone-shaped rubber band back on (to my horror, I actually fixed it differently from that done by the dentist) So, I got that fixed as well. 

This is how my braces look like after the last visit on 9 Sep, noon. The dentist couldn't push out the incisors of my teeth and thus I need braces with hooks and rubber bands on the left 2nd and right 2nd teeth. In the short span of time, the teeth moved apart as shown above and the gaps are more obvious now.

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  1. Looking great! It is amazing how much faster the Damon Orthodontics system work over traditional braces.