Monday, September 26, 2011

The Body Shop Haul and ibutterfly apps

Went shopping at The Body Shop on 25 Sep as there was a 35% off the top 10 best sellers in the shop and I could get Body Shop membership. On top of it, I could get a free gift for every $70 spent and 20% off regular priced items.

I have not bought any gift for my hubby for his birthday and it was already past his birthday. OMG. I was too busy last weekend to go shopping.

I spent two hours shopping at body shop plus trying to catch butterflies using the iButterfly apps but it didn't work. I simply could not see any butterfly. This was the second time I tried.

These were what I bought:

All the items I bought plus two sets of free gifts  supposedly worth $46+ per set.

The items that I bought:
 Another perspective:

The best sellers:
The 350ml Ximenia and Salt scrub at $52.90 before 35% discount. It comes in a very lovely container. Smells so good! I love body scrub!
But the price still quite steep.

How it looks like...

10 ml of the tea tree oil at $18.90 before 35% discount.

The Body Shop brushes, top: face and body brush at $32.90,  middle: eyeshadow blending brush at $20.90 and bottom: eye shadow brush at $19.90, all prices before 35% discount. I am going for a wedding lunch this weekend! I need them. Remember, I also want to go for a makeup course, consider them as investment!

The White Musk Sports gift set for my hubby, $49.90 before 10% discount. (Set only gets 10% off, sad right)

Hey, I didn't examine at all as the salesgirl just put inside my paper bag. Notice the torn part and the scratch marks across the hair and body wash. The tube was quite sticky, wonder if some leaked.. Aiyoh, this is supposed to be my hubby's present...

The ceramic burner for essential oils. I love scents and they help me relax... The last time I bought a $30++ burner from Body Shop, it broke even before I reached home. This reached me just fine. The crackled look is part of the design! :)

The free gift for every $70 purchase nett... I got two sets!

I discovered I left my daiso purchase at the Body Shop! Will get it back tml.

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