Friday, December 10, 2010

Japan! Diamond, Decorative, Dollywink, DUP, Eyemazing and Daiso Eyelashes, Eyelash Fixer Ex 552, eyeliners, eyelash glue

Just returned from my Tokyo trip. Didn't manage to shop for branded goods like bags etc.

Bought a lot of false eyelashes of various brands in Tokyo, Japan. The girls there have great skills in putting eyelashes... But eyelashes here are quite expensive, the cheapest are from Daiso, I think.

From Daiso... The bigger packs are priced at 315yen each while the rest are 105 yen each.

This is how my eyes looked like using Daiso # 14 


Diamond eyelashes. 1050 yen per pack

Some of these packs had free cases. 945 yen per pack
The boxes for Diamond and smaller pink set of Decorative lashes are of the same size.

Dollywink lashes are expensive because at 1260 yen (if didnt remember wrongly) per pack, there are only 2 pairs.

Eyemazing lashes

Various types of Eyelash glue:


1 day tattoo..
Same price in Sg too after conversion. but feel cheated coz now in sg, they at $19.90 are on 20% off in Sasa.

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