Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

For 2 days, I washed, cleaned and dried my bedlinen, mattress protectors, pillow cases, pillow protectors, clothes, cushions, floor mats etc.  I wanted to get rid of all dust and dirt that can get trapped into my already weakened lungs. Each time, the washing machine took about 2 hours to soak,rinse, wash and do 15 mins of turbo dry. Very tiring to do housework. There didn't seemed to be enough sun and wind, sometimes, not even enough space in my already spacious house. I seemed to buy too many things that clutter up the house, lots of japanese magazines with their freebies, which I desire in truth, not the magazines at all.

My! I am so tired just doing washing,drying, hanging laundry and fixing the sheets/linen back in place. I ended up ironing some pieces of bedsheets and pillow cases because I am so scared my bacteria get into them and spread to my hubby. In order to prevent spreading to my darling, I had to sleep on the sofa in living room because I keep coughing, my chest hurts, I cannot sleep, I had diarrhoea numerous times, possibly from allergy to antibiotics. I like to sleep on sofa, if I go into the bedroom, and air-con not on, I find it so hard to sleep in the stuffy room. If air con on, my lungs will hurt so hurt and my whole body ached. Perhaps. I am not fated to enjoy life at all.

I also threw a lot of frozen food and packet food that is past their expiry dates. I always bought and bought but never get to eating them. Strange that I still grew fat no matter how little I ate/drank.

Due to me being a very socially-responsible person, I couldn't bring myself to spread pneumonia to any innocent person, especially an elderly or a pregnant woman, so I had to contend with staying at home and cooking my own food. Anytime I would prefer a take-away or a MACdonalds $4.50 lunch meal.

Anyway, I cooked lunch and desserts for 2 days. SO long since I last cooked. Yesterday's lunch is so yucky.
Things went wrong terribly. I tried opening my windows wider but i knocked over a bottle of oil. I had to mop the floor many times to get rid of the oil spillage.

The 2 slices of fish my hubby bought for me were so blackish although they were supposed to resemble parts from a red snapper. At first, I wanted to keep one slice in fridge so I can cook it tml for tml's lunch but the stench put me off.

They stunk so I rubbed lots of salt onto the surfaces. The stupid potato flour that I used didn't really help in frying my fish, I ended up pouring some water into my fish to make a little gravy. I am so pissed off. I got a gluey fish instead and threw a lot of the glue and ginger which stuck to it away. Rinsed my fish with some water and managed to salvage my fish. Poured too much light soya sauce! Ate half of a slice, remaining parts i cling-wrapped and put in fridge. Heated up and gave the salty yucky fish tail to my hubby. Poor thing. I mean my hubby. I am quite mean to him at times. Who else will help me finish my food? I always can't finish my own food, its no wonder coz the appearance already cannot make it. My Poor hubby! Always drives me to hospital and waits there patiently while I moaned in pain and agony.

Ate 2 bowls of red beans today and yesterday, threw away the remaining which turned sticky and gluey while inside fridge. Red bean soup which I cooked for more than 1 hr, still hard to chew.

Today I had fried rice and soup for lunch. I hate crabsticks and its terrible smell but my hubby bought these and fish balls for me to cook, possibly because he likes to eat. My hubby said my fried rice is very delicious and that I have cooked the fried egg extremely well. When he came back for dinner, he finished all my lunch-time fried rice. Felt honoured but I thought I could have done better.

Got so many sets of everything coz i am a big shopper and nvr get to use my stuff. Already threw away 3 pillows last week which i didnt use for a long time and it gathered so much dust.

Cleaned my grey 3-seater sofa thoroughly, washed all sofa casings and air-dried my sofa cushion.

Threw away my 2-seater NOVA leather sofa, called town council to remove them (few months back threw away my 3-seater NOVA). Town council is very efficient. Once I called them their workers came down in about 15 mins. I tried pushing my sofa to the door but after 10mins, I only pushed about 1 metre!!! I had to gasp for air. We sat on this sofa for not more than 5 times but its skin keep peeling off long time ago but we were too busy and ignored it. The 5 seater sofa is supposed to be able to allow us to recline automatically but I din use the mechanisms because our sofa is already very near to the TV and if we recline on the other side, I cannot see the TV at all.

Note: I won't buy from NOVA again, the furniture we bought from them spoil very fast, grow mould very easily and very fast. Was cheated by this salesman called Michael (if didnt remember wrongly) into buying so many furniture from them. [My coffee table's drawers collapsed within 1 month of usage. my living room TV console set. bedroom set and clothes cabinet all got moulds within 1 month of buying when when we did not use them at all., the leather peeled off and termites crawling from our dining table,chairs and sofa.] ALL our 'NEW' FURNITURE were bought from them when we moved into this first hand house. We only had a little bit of renovation, majority in kitchen.

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