Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Painful root canal and then extraction!

Have not updated my posts recently due to fever and pain from the stupid molar tooth decay. Just posted empty posts without comments or pics. The throbbing pain in the jawline extended all the way to the ear and head. So much acid in stomach for eating painkillers. And painkillers don't seem to help! That's the problem.

Been suffering from pain for 2-3 years already. And every different dentist tells me there's nothing wrong with it. Last month I had terrible pain and the pain escalated to where I am getting ear ache, headache and fever. It is my 5th tooth  that had to be treated and I had suffered extreme pain every time my tooth needs to be treated.

I feel pain just doing nothing. Extreme pain when talking. Unbearable when chewing.

He had treated my root twice. The 2nd time, I didn't take any injection and it was damn painful. The third time It was so horribly painful that tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably. On the third time we opened it up yesterday, there was a tiny crack line. The fourth time I saw my dentist, we took an x-ray and there was no visible infection or crack on the film. Finally, I begged the dentist to remove my tooth. Had many injections and now the drug is wearing off. I feel so painful once again. The throbbing pain is so unbearable.
I cannot talk properly. How to work?

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