Saturday, March 27, 2010

April 2010 Mini's GWP Cream Bag with Polka dots

April 2010 Mini's GWP is a Head Porter Cream bag with blue Polka dots. The book is priced at $13.40 before 10% discount at Kinokuiya NAC. I bought it today.

The cream bag is made of towel material and has navy blue polka dots. The towel material reminds me of the April Sweet Magazine's GWP - a mini Jill Cafe bag.

The inner lining is a thin linen cloth which is there to prevent extension when you stuff your things in as the material is stretchable. The bag has no definite shape and the shape depends on what you put in. The Mini Magazine can fit into the tote bag both lengthwise and breadthwise.

There is a pair of velcro to secure the 2 sides together while you carry it. There is no pocket/zip. You cannot expect too much when the price is about $12 after discount.

From the cover page, the bag looks so attractive but I was disappointed when I opened the package. I regretted my decision to buy it instantly. Perhaps this will appeal to the teenagers but definitely not to me. Bags with towel materials usually do not appeal to some people.

If you like this bag and would like to exchange your extra new bags/tote from Kino, pls leave a comment. I would not mind topping up.

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