Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jurlique Purchase at Tangs.

My Jurlique Purchase at Tangs with all the freebies.
Tangs won the best dressed building award. Tangs had late closing hours on Friday, at midnight.

My Jurlique purchase at Tangs (on Friday 17 Dec) came up to $272, after discount is $262. 

I also got double stamps for every $50 spent at Tangs Jurlique. Promotion is only for Friday and Saturday. I can get a free shampoo/ conditioner/body wash with 10 stamps. But Tangs Orchard only have the mint conditioner left. I will have to collect the shampoo/body wash at Tangs Vivocity or Raffles Place Robinsons since I don't think conditioner is of much use to me. Conditioner takes forever to be used up and I am also lazy to use it. I don't like to towel dry my hair after applying conditioner as some conditioners could be quite oily. 

Initially, I only wanted to buy the herbal recovery collection but in order to get 10 stamps, I need to buy another item. LOL. I think Singapore wins other countries using Gifts with purchase (GWP) promotional gimmicks. 

I must admit I am drawn to the freebies most of the time, I didn't really want to buy, just wanted to get a good price and getting lots of freebies helped. :)

I went overseas to many countries before but they don't seem to give free gifts at all and I ended up like a fool asking for freebies. LOL.

What I bought...

The lemongrass pure essential oil smells heavenly. I love the scent! It is going for $38 per bottle of 10ml.

Usually, Jurlique doesn't give free stuff and the herbal recovery gel is really very expensive at $234 and now the collection of 3 items is only at the price of the herbal recovery gel of $234, so it is really a good buy...

What's inside the box of collection...

The rosewater balancing mist smells so nice...

The free gifts... I got 2 clarifying day care lotion. Why was I given 2 bottles of the same thing? 
I didn't check until I reached home...

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