Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decleor and Tweezerman purchase at Tangs Orchard

The SA in Tangs Orchard promoting the Decleor, Stila and Tweezerman stuff is very friendly.
I coerced her into giving me lots of free stuff... $300 can be a member there.

on top of box, from left to right: Makeup cleanser at $50, toning lotion at $49, cleansing gel at $49.
Box set of a body scrub and a perfume at $95. Total at $243.
A few months ago, I bought the perfume at the same price without the body scrub.

Freebies are in the Sachets.

I read on magazines that Tweezerman is very good. The SA also told me that I can get free sharpening of the tweezers by sending my tweezers if they get blunt to the United States and they will sharpen the tools and send them back to me FOC. I forgot if it is lifetime warranty..
I wondered who is going to pay for my expenses to send the stuff over. I don't like people to touch/use my tweezers, sometimes I shave first or when I pluck, a dot of blood appears. If they sharpen my tweezers, they also sharpen others' and ain't I at risk of getting AIDS from other owners?? (Remember? I Just came back from TTSH and did the blood test (involuntarily) for HIV and AIDS...)

Tweezerman tweezers set at $42,  file at $10 each.
The pink file's case seemed to be a bit cracked.

Freebies... include a full size facial scrub.

You get a $20 voucher for $200 spent and $50 for $400 spent in Tangs. I got $50 in 5 $10 vouchers and each is for purchase of a beauty product so I bought 2 nail files and offset $10 on my Tweezers. BTW, i have lots of tweezers already.. LOL.

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