Saturday, December 25, 2010

Applying False Eyelashes 1 - Diamond Lash 55103

Applying false eyelashes using Diamond Lash 55103, 552 Eyelashes Fixer Ex (clear), Mac Fluidline and other beauty products and tools as shown in picture below.


The aplication of lashes were really made simpler using the marvelous 552 Eyelashes Fixer Ex (clear). It took me less than 5 minutes to apply both lashes. Last time it took me an hour or 2 and I had to throw my eyelashes away because they kept dropping off and I applied too much glue that my eye makeup was totally ruined.

 However, the glue tends to pull off my lashes when I removed my lashes... Anyone has any idea how to best remove the lashes?

Diamond Lash is very popular in Japan and Taiwan and is always featured in Popteens. I bought them on my Japan trip (click this link to view:
Japan! Diamond, Decorative, Dollywink, DUP, Eyemazing and Daiso Eyelashes, Eyelash Fixer Ex 552, eyeliners, eyelash glue ) It costs 1050 yen for 5 pairs and the good thing is that I don't really feel the lashbone at all and it won't irritate the eyes unless the glue came off... 

I didn't manage to take good photos of both applied lashes before I went out.
Here's my right eye... taken before I went out.

About 4 hours later. The glue has turned white and both the liquid and fluidline eyeliner faded away. 

 The eyelashes seemed to move a bit out of place.

I guess I have to work harder at this application. I feel that Japanese girls didn't seem to have much problems at all..

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