Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Clinique Repairwear - Intensive eye cream

how to use
For repair of eye area wrinkles...

I bought two of this at the airport. It cost about $100 for a duo pack if I didn't remember wrongly.
I gave one away to my sister a few months ago as I had too many products lying around my house. She reflected to me that it was REALLY GOOD!

So, I used it and true to her words, I felt instant rejuvenation when I applied it to my eyes. The cream is not oily at all and is easily absorbed by the skin. The cream soothes and relaxes the muscles about my eye areas and makes my eyes feel less tired.

The cream.. About half used up...

How I apply...
Apply a little bit using my index finger and dab it to the other ring finger. Apply to under the eyelids and on the area just above the eyebrows. Avoid application of excess cream.

Do not apply on the eyelids as someone told me that the eyelids have no oil glands and applying it there will make eye oily and puffy. It will also make your eyes hurt if you apply it to your eyelids and the cream goes into your eyes.

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