Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review on Ahava Bath Time Duet

I got this 'travel set' consisting of a liquid salt and a body lotion of 40ml each. The set is free with purchase of a magazine. 
At first, I thought that I have 2 tubes of the same thing, one new packaging, one old packaging, because on the box, it was stated 'Before' and 'After'. 

I really love the Pure Treat Dead Sea Liquid Salt. When it is being applied, you can feel your body and hands warm up to a nice temperature. I feel very relaxed and happy when I use this product. This gel-like salt glides onto your skin smoothly.The downside is that it is too small and a lot of it oozes out when I squeeze it! I finished using it in about 4 baths before I even used up the body lotion. 

The rich body lotion, Pure Melt body sorbet caress hydrates the body well. 

Overall, the Pure Treat Dead Sea Liquid Salt is a must buy if you are the sort who likes to relax and enjoy spa treatments. I would like to try other Ahava products if given the chance! Hint. Hint.. :) Please throw in a big tube of the liquid salt as well, if that is possible... :)

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