Friday, November 12, 2010

Centrepoint Robinsons Sale! Lierac and Phyto Haul...

Bought these during Centrepoint Robinsons Sale last night at a total damage of $216 nett!

1. Phytophyline Vials ( 20 vials of 0.25 FLOZ) $59.90, additional 10% discount.
Helps to reduce appearance of cellulite.
2. Morpho-slim Stomach and waist 100ml, Morpho-slim Anti-cellulite concentrate (hips, thighs and butt) 200ml at $89.90 nett.

I bought these Lierac products as they were supposedly useful in slimming the waist, abdomen, remove cellulite. I shall try them out and review soon.
Been dropping lots of hair recently and my hair scalp has become oily out of sudden, resulting in limp wet hair. I'm still searching for a suitable shampoo for controlling the oily scalp, which was why I bought this set comprising of 2 bottles of sebo-regulating shampoo and a bottle of universal elixir.

Free gifts. Got a calendar free too. See first picture.

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