Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Secret. Law of attraction!

Yesterday, I came across Xiaxue's post on 'The Secret' and I decided to write something on this too.

The author (aka me)...
In P1/2, she was diagnosed with heart murmurs (which meant she had a hole in her heart) when she was young. Since then she was a frequent visitor to clinics and hospital.
She was underweight with a big belly (often went hungry). Her form teacher was a bully who slapped her face for having long fringe, threw her book across the room/ down 4 levels, hit her hands for failing spelling. Her parents always say: Respect teachers, they are always right.

[Hey, honestly, her Chinese-educated Mum taught her spelling and she did very well in front of her mother.

How she failed her spelling...

What she wrote in her notebook:
1. apple
2. orange
3. pear
4. jackfruit
5. watermelon

What her mother tested her:
1. apple
2. orange
3. pear
4. jackfruit
5. watermelon

What her teacher tested her:
1. orange
2. pear
3. watermelon
4. apple
5. jackfruit

What she wrote in her spelling book:
1. apple
2. orange
3. pear
4. jackfruit
5. watermelon

Total score: 0/5

Get it?
Ok, order is very important, even my Mum didn't know and was curious why she kept failing my spelling when the words were all correct.

Inability to adjust to the situation. Teachers were always right in those times.

Her family was very poor when they were young. She was like a cinderella in a family with 5 kids and only one sole breadwinner. She was in the middle child with an elder sis, elder bro, younger sis and younger bro. Her dad often gambled away the money or spent on other women. Loan sharks would call our phone non stop, come hitting on the door. Our phone numbers were often changed. The best meal of the day was dinner. Leftovers from dinner would always be re-heated as breakfast and eventually lunch. Primary school was just a stone's throw away.

She prayed to her God every night (she believed that all gods are actually the one and the same as long as her God can answer her prayers.)that she could pick up 10/20/50 cents or a dollar so that she could buy things like stationery/food when she was young and she did.

She prayed that she could live beyond 21 and she did.

When she was 11, she suffered from a high fever  and was hospitalised for a week. She struggled with medical conditions all her life but never gave up.

She prayed she could get a good education and get a degree so that she can come out of the vicious poverty cycle.

She prayed that she could get free dinner after any seminar in university ( hey, engineering degree is really very tedious, went for lessons for 4 years for 5.5 days a week in school, stayed from dawn till dusk on weekdays, dawn to 1-2 pm on sat. we were poor remember?!) Her brother studied in the same course but in a more prestigious university. Her dad bought her brother a laptop. She begged very hard and got a desktop to share with her remaining 3 siblings.

She made a wish to be married by 28 and she did. She was lucky, snatched up a handsome, muscular young man (still handsome and muscular and looks like her son now - remember now she puts on so much weight?!).

Gradually she forgot to give her thanks and took things for granted.
She suffered from health issues and the more negative she was, the more health problems surfaced before they were even properly addressed/ eradicated. Her weight increased.

She came across a video on the secret more than a year ago.

If she has given up, she would have felt upset and that will create a multiplier effect which will avalanche into a greater problem.

The secret of success. The law of attraction! Think positive~!

Her father will recover from his stroke and able to move his paralysed side by Dec 2012.
She will lose at least 15kg weight by Oct 2012.
She will conceive her first child (children also can, she does not mind twins!!! Btw, with her hubby of course!) by Dec 2012.
She will publish a book and earn lots of royalty by end 2013.
She will to get double her current pay by end 2013.
She will have a million SGD in her bank by 2014!
She wants to win a dream house (best is a bungalow in district 10) by 2015, (throw in the free renovation as well).
She will get sponsored for fertility treatments! dental implants! chiropractic treatments to straighten her spine! colon surgery to sew up the internal injury! specialist treatments for her carpel tunnel and plantar fasciitis! gum graft for her receding gums!! make up diploma for her interest!

She will have 100 followers by July 2012, 1000 by Dec 2012 on this blog.

Please Add her:
Twitter: beautyjenn1.
Instalgram: beautyjenn.

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