Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drop below 60 kg. 6+ weeks after TRA...

Let's take a look at how TRA has changed my figure...

I tried to stop myself from snacking on almonds and milo...

:) and it helped.


  1. wow, it is amazing!! keep up the good job... BTW, do you mind share your foods diaries and journay please. Also how do u take your supplement? I am on TRA too but not much improvement after a month =( disappointed

  2. You might like to check out my twitter account to see the food diary I uploaded. I didn't exactly follow strictly, which is why my weight loss is quite slow... Maybe u can email your contact number to jennpoh@gmail.com. I will advise you on how to take the supplements.


  3. Many thanks Jenn... very muc appreciate. I have just forwarding a mail to you via my hotmail.