Monday, November 22, 2010

Clarisonic Mia

I just received my Clarisonic Mia today!! It cost US$149 but I managed to buy it at 20% off during a Family and friends sale on 8 Nov. It was delivered to my place via vpost sg on 21 Nov, Sunday! I didn't know they deliver on Sun...

Anyway, here's my Clarisonic Mia. It is pink in colour and only has one speed. The good thing about buying this version is that my purchase contributes to the fight against Breast Cancer. I have been wondering what special features it has ever since its white counterpart appeared on early this year at such a high price. I have heard of and seen rave reviews about it but I have never seen the effects it has created. I will try it soon.

Free Arcona Magic Pink Ice (1 oz) and Travel Bag.

What I got for US$119.20 (price excludes vpost shipping).


  1. hi jenn,
    im really interested in buying this product and have it shipped using vPost SG. can you please tell me how much did you pay for the shipping costs? how long did it take for the shipping? appreciate your answer. thanks - jen

  2. Sorry, I just returned to SG this morning. I paid only $24.88 for vpost delivery. U might like to add other purchases so to maximise the base charge.