Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review on Baby wrap Firespiral (Fispi) Argent Twilight Seafoam

About a month ago, I ordered 3 Fispi within a week and the Firespiral (Fispi) Argent Twilight Seafoam, which was actually from the first release, arrived the first even though it was ordered last.
The hems were not as professionally done as the rest but so far everything was okay, it hasn't started to fray yet.

I fell in love with this 100% cotton, 245 gsm Fispi which was first released on 6 Sep 2013. It is so smooth to the touch even without washing. After washing and tumbling almost dry, and ironing on a low heat, I couldn't wait to use it.

I was overwhelmed by the smoothness and softness of this seafoam wrap. The colour combination is also very unique and pleasing to the eye.

This is my first wrap, I have ring slings and a few SSCs. I did a FWCC cushy to wrap my baby. The size 6 wrap (was supposed to be 5m but I haven't measured).

The design is also breathtakingly delicious from the way my LO was sucking it.

The size 6 seafoam is my base length and doing a FWCC helps to spread the pressure across my shoulders and back such that I hardly feel the weight of my 10kg baby. For the first time, I understood why a wrap was much preferred over a SSC. we can adjust the wrap into the carries we like. It is more cooling than a SSC.

Within minutes of using, the sleepy dust would envelope my LO. We can also clip a fan to cool our LO down in this hot climate.

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