Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review on The Ergobaby Performance baby carrier (navy blue with black lining/hood)

Soft Structured carrier under review:
-          The Ergobaby Performance baby carrier (navy blue with black lining/hood)
Additional component (optional) :
-          infant insert
-          teething pad

A few weeks before I gave birth, I bought the approximately 0.64kg Ergo Performance baby carrier for about $239. This carrier has a body material (shell&mesh) made of 100% polyester and body material (knit) made of 100% cotton knit. There are 3 possible carry positions, namely the front, back and hip position but so far I only tried the front position. I like the fact that the material gives more support but yet adding extra bulk to the carrier. The body material is able to mould the baby to the user smoothly. Moreover, the carrier is easy to use without the need for much instruction.

The carrier is for babies between 5.5kg to 20kg. An infant insert is to be used together for babies weighing 3.2kg to 5.5kg. I think below 3.2kg, you cannot use the carrier at all. This instruction can be found on the note sewn on the carrier. This plastic note is a dead giveaway for counterfeit Ergobaby products if u spot any spelling errors on it.

Designed in USA, this carrier allows my baby to be seated comfortably, especially so for infants after 5 months old, babies with a better head and neck control. When my baby was about 2 months old, because of my c-section wound, it hurt so much that I could not wear it for long as the wound has not quite healed internally. Moreover, the infant insert will make both mother and baby perspire so much as it is too thick to be suitable for Singapore’s hot climate. I did away with it just after 1 time usage. Don’t waste money to get the extra infant insert which cost me about $79 if I didn’t remember wrongly. Some shops sell it for $42.50 now. I can’t remember how much exactly I paid for it. Before I gave birth, my mind was too preoccupied with the continuous counting of my baby’s heartbeats in case something went wrong.

2 months old                             4 months old

My hubby tried to help me by carrying my baby in this carrier. However, our 2 months old infant then cried so much from the pain of opening her legs in the sitting position as her father has a much wider body than me. Hence, I deduced that it wasn’t suitable for young infants carried by people with wide torso. I waited for my baby to grow up a little older before I continued to use this carrier because at 2.5 months, my baby had to undergo an operation and I didn’t want to injure her by babywearing her. The shoulder straps and waist belt can be adjusted to the user’s height. Long straps can be neatly tucked after rolling with a sewn-on elastic band. I think most mother have quite short torso, so this ergobaby carrier is more suitable for short to average build female users. The material is easy to care for and machine washable if you use a washing bag, it will be okay. The elastic band at the waist is getting loose so maybe Ergobaby should invest in a better elastic band.

The weight is supposed to be evenly distributed across the shoulders and hips but for me, the weight seemed to be focused at my back. The padded shoulder pads made it comfortable for me to babywear. When my baby starting teething at 2 months, I started to get teething pads for the carrier. Ergobaby does carry teething pads which are sold separately. These are quite thick and comfy in case you want to get a pair.

Due to Singapore’s hot climate, we needed to ensure that our baby does get enough ventilation and wind to cool given that both of us perspire and radiate heat. I came up with a brilliant plan by attaching a clip on fan on the hood of the carrier so as to improve the breathability of the sports carrier. The slip on hood also prevent glares in the ever sunny Singapore.

Initially my baby is “drowning” in the carrier but now, at 9.5 months, my daughter is more than 72 cm tall and her nape is above the top of the carrier, making it less hot. This is better as my daughter has good head and neck control and the space gives her the opportunity to turn her head to explore the surroundings with curious fascination. Her legs are able to rest comfortably at the sides of the carrier with a padded waist belt. She is also able to move her hands at the open sides of the carrier.

In conclusion, Ergo Performance baby carrier is easy to care for, ergonomic for the baby to sit in for an average build user and suitable for babies preferably above 5 months with good head and neck support. By adding a clip-on fan, babies can be cooled down in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.


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