Saturday, July 7, 2012

8 months post stroke dad and poor mum

My dad suffered a stroke in a car accident last oct and is paralysed on the right side of his body. His speech and swallowing abilities were affected and had to be fed through a feeding tube.

My poor mum looks after my dad and often breaks down as she is too exhausted. We got her a maid but my mum did not ask the maid to help her. Instead, she looked after the maid, let her sleep early, after 7+ pm and the maid often watches tv by pretending to massage my dad.
My mum had to cook and wash clothes. What an irony. In the end, we sent her back after one month.

It is definitely not easy to look after a stroke patient and my dad is very grumpy and impatient after the stroke. He wants to be wheeled around as and when he likes it, goes back to bed again when he likes it too.

My mum will carry him up and down the bed, to and fro the wheelchair. My elder bro who lives with them, rarely helps.

I don't live with my mum and my job makes it so difficult for me to visit them on weekdays as I work virtually from dawn till dusk. I only visit them on weekends but i often have to bring my work back to complete on weekends.

I hope my mum will stop being so obstinate, let us get her a helper. Hope she allows me to let dad eat ageloc r2 so that perhaps he can recover faster. There are cases where people recover from stroke after eating ageloc r2.

I hope my dad will recover soon so that my mum will not be so tired and so her varicose veins will not get worse. My friend who works in a hospital told me that we should not rub the varicose veins as they might burst.

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  1. Pray that uncle have a speedy recovery. May God showers His blessings and healing power to uncle; and gives more strength to auntie.

    Please make uncle exercise everyday. My dad was suffered from stroke 14years ago, after great support and encouragement from us especially my mom, he could take care of himself after a year plus.

    God bless always