Monday, October 17, 2011

Sizzix Big Shot - Lesson 1: Embossing a Valentine's Day Card

We need  the Sizzix Love set #2 embossing folders for this Project.

I wonder if my floor tile cracked because the big shot was too heavy? I didn't drop the big shot.
I noticed the crack when I took pictures of my embossing folders...

OMG! :(

The Core'dination card stock

$29.90 before 30% off.

The cutterpede
$49.95 before 40% off

Core'dinations Sand It Gadget...
$6.90 before 30%

My Paper:

Cut this paper to the size suitable for the 'A2' folder using  the cutterpede.

Run the paper through the big shot without folding the paper... After using the first embossing folder, it should look like this...

Flip the paper on the reverse side. Without folding the paper, use the smaller folders to emboss the other half of the page. Run through these through the Big Shot again and you should obtain this...

Use the Sand IT gadget to rub on this card to sand away the top surface so that the core colour will be exposed.

The front page will look like this after sanding.

Sand the inside of the card as well...

This is the inside after sanding...

This is my first lesson teaching myself how to use the machine to emboss a card. Hope it helps you too!
Have fun!

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