Thursday, September 8, 2011

Basic Scrapbooking@ Paper Market Raffles City

I had fever yesterday and was having severe eye pain and headache for almost a week already. However, the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my eyes and it could be due to headaches. I wonder if the severe eye pain is from braces or teeth extraction (which damaged some nerves?) instead. I was having eye pain since the start of this year. I had diarrhea and severe cramping early in the morning.

Anyway, I have no choice but to attend the lesson because we need to cancel 48 hrs before the lesson so I went ahead with the lesson after visiting the doctor. (sidetrack: medicine and doc fees are so expensive! $58!) Anyway, this time, the eye medicine worked for me. I was also late for the lesson because I had to wait for my prescription.

Back to Basic Scrapbooking...

I bought the Groupon ($15) which gave me $35 worth of scrapbooking class voucher and a free temp membership card of 6 months. I had to exchange my groupon for the Papermarket voucher beforehand and it was quite a hassle because I didn't read the rules properly and went to Plaza Sing for nothing last month.

I went for the Raffles City Papermarket. Its a 2.5 hrs class. It was a cozy little classroom with only 5 participants including me and the class is full. I think one person did not turn up.

There are a few types of paper. To create a page, we need two patterned paper and a card stock.

First you take your photos (2 - 4 4R photos), decide the 2-3 main colours which are inside the photos. I decided my main colours are to be red and blue (my photos have too many colours inside and I can choose any colour I want, likewise for black and white photos, you can choose any colours you want.)

We went out of the classroom and we could choose any 2 pieces of patterned paper which matches the theme and colours. Then we were supposed to choose a card stock paper which matches the rest of the papers. These 3 pieces were given free as part of the class.

This was the first patterned paper I chose. It cost $2.40. There were non-glittering ones which cost $1.70 - $1.90 each. When I chose the papers, I did not have any idea how much it cost because some do not have price tags.

We can get both patterned paper from the same company or the same set of design collection. Our teacher was a very pretty and young lady who was also very helpful, she offered me many choices but I thought I would like something more interesting.

I wandered off for a long time as there were simply too many choices. This is from Best Creation Inc and it will be my page.

The second patterned paper should have some words or pictures which we can cut out the stuff inside to decorate the page.

This is my card stock paper which matches the two patterned paper. This will be the border for my photos to make it stand out from the background.

Back into the classroom, 
We were taught how to cut with the cutter. So now, we have to cut off the trimming/ brand name at the bottom of the page.

I cut the matt blue card stock paper to a border which I thought is suitable and then stuck my photos onto it using a dotliner tape which was given to us free of charge but it was not really sticky enough. I didn't really know how to handle it properly, so I rolled over the same area at least twice... Haha.

I cut out my pictures for privacy reasons. Hope my readers understand. :)

The dotliner tape glue... FREE! Its a new piece, the packaging was thrown away...

Each participant was allowed to choose a packet of letterings which was supposed to cost $9.90. But I bought another packet at a cheaper price. The prices can be checked at the cashier. I guess that when SOME people do scrapbooking, they don't really mind the prices, no matter how steep, they wouldn't mind paying more as quality and taste matter? here were many choices, you can choose foam, chipboards, glitters, acid-free ones etc. Here's some of them:

 This is the one I chose...

I thought I didn't have enough letterings but our dear teacher taught me that some letters can be used in the reverse, eg: 'U' can be used as 'N'.

This is how my first scrapbook page looks like...
Its supposed to be disneysea in the right picture, but we couldn't stick so many stuff. It will be overdecorated.
Our teacher told me to put some descriptive words, either using the blue paper, written or typed, etc below the disneyland so as to balance the page. 

By the way, we were also given brads, eyelets to do flowers, holes for bookmarks, etc. We could also use their die cut stamps to make the patterns like butterflies, flowers, love, cars, etc on our cards.

I also bought a lot of stuff from the shop, wasted a lot of money. I always cannot help myself when shopping. Sad case!!! LOL. Update you on the products that I have bought some other time! That is, when I have the time again.

I love such lessons and I don't mind if you want to invite me to your lessons/ teach me new stuff...

See you soon. 


  1. Hi,read your post and wanted to ask if you are keen to purchase another $35 paper market class voucher at $20. You can use it for classes at Raffles City only. It expires on 31 Oct 2011. Good deal if you are considering to take the more advance classes at Raffles city. (They cost between $68-$78) You just have to top up the difference. I am not interested to attend classes, hence trying to use the voucher to exchange for more cash to buy more supplies:P Email me at if you are keen. Thanks!

  2. Hi Ailing,

    Thank you so much for the offer.

    However, I have another $35 voucher free as I spent more than $180 on my last purchase after the lesson. (I think purchases above $80 gets the voucher.) I am quite busy recently so I don't think I will have the time to attend many lessons within the time frame.

    Thanks for the offer. Maybe anyone who is interested can email you instead?