Thursday, May 12, 2011

Damon braces, Spacers and back braces

Last Thursday (5 May), I had spacers (elastic bands) put in between my molar and wisdom teeth. On Tues morning, one of the spacers came off when I flossed my teeth (we are not supposed to floss, you know?) . I didn't know I can see another dentist to put it back as my orthodontist only works at the hospital every Thursday.

The spacers were to be removed and back teeth braces placed at the 4 molar teeth. I had an X-ray ($13) taken too as mine was a complicated case (I had a dental implant). The total cost today was $20. Last week, I think I forked out $1877 for half the treatment cost. I consulted at this hospital for half a year already, had my molds and full x rays taken some time back last dec. I also had to get my teeth extracted 2 weeks ago and a temporary crown for my implant a month ago.

Today, I had some tensional pain as she tried to put the braces at the back at the tooth whose spacer came off. As a result, the dental plier (I think) hit the ridge of my mouth roof hard and made me bled.

I couldn't eat well for the last 2 weeks. Today I also could not eat properly as the friction and the braces kept cutting the sides of my inner cheeks. Next week I will have my braces put in for both the upper and lower rows of teeth. :)

Will update the pictures if I have time.

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