Saturday, January 1, 2011

Japan Day 1

Visited Japan exactly one month ago and this was our first trip to Japan.

This was a restaurant located at Ginza 2-4-6, Ginza Velvia-kan 7F, that we visited on the first night of our free and easy trip... We reached our hotel quite late as we were trying hard to find our way. Because I haven't fully recovered from my pneumonia, my Chinese Physician gave me strict instructions not to eat any chicken as chicken would trigger/ make my cough worse. It is very hard to control my eating.

We didn't know how to read the menu though we were effectively bilingual. The japanese menu only had noodles and we ordered add-ons as we were very hungry. 

This is what I ordered. Pork noodles with pork-base soup, very delicious but very oily and fattening. 
Its Close up:

This is pork noodles with soya sauce-base soup.
Close up of a portion of this noodles.

Plum wine and hot sake. I like the sweet fruity taste of the plum wine 
but the sake is not as good as I expected.

Our bill. Quite ex but it seemed worth it. It was late, we were really hungry and my noodles were delicious!
4000 yen is about 63 sgd.
We left 400 yen as tips as the waitresses were helpful but a waiter thought we forgot to take out change. One waitress even stuffed a handful of sweets at our hands but we took a few only.

As  we started to walk out of the restaurant, some people stared at us and made comments in Japanese. Hey, what a joke! I have forgotten to take off my disposable bib! (the bib is something like apron to prevent our clothes from being stained by the splattering of noodles/ soup)

A new bib.

If you go to Ginza, do try this restaurant!

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