Friday, March 19, 2010

Dermalogica Multi-active Toner and Microfoliant Reviews

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Multi active toner
The multi active toner hydrates our skin very well and prevents redness/dry skin. However, you must be careful not to let it get into the eyes as there will be a stinging effect. A must buy.

Daily Microfoliant
The daily microfoliant is gentle to the skin and my face feels smooth. After a few months of usage, the skin looks smooth and brighter. However, I do not recommend for daily usage because it is too drying for my skin is used daily. Sadly, I dropped the bottle once and the cap broke. I had to throw it (still have 80%) away when the microfoliant powder absorbed the moisture in the surroundings and became moist and turned yellowish. I bought another one to replace it as it is really good. I still have another new unopened one... It is taking me ages to finish it coz I have too many products to use and also bcoz I often forget to use it.

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